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30 Things

3.5.17  POST CATEGORY  :  Together | Lifestyle | Celebration | Portrait

Lauren is turning 30 this year, and as part of the milestone birthday celebrations she has set herself the goal of doing thirty different things by the time D-day rolls around. There's all kinds of things on the list from travelling to Italy, going to South Africa, doing a hot air balloon ride, hosting a dinner party etc etc. One of the items on the list was 'participate in a photo-shoot' which is exactly what happened in the autumn leaves on Saturday. Lauren chose to invite her cousins and sister 'n' laws too (which meant two gorgeous babies as well)

Lauren spent quite a few hours in the evenings leading up to the shoot making some 'pinterest' inspired props (that didn't fail!!) and gathering all the other heirloom bits and pieces she knew she wanted to include in the shoot. Potentially there was even her Mother's crystal wine glasses that she didn't know Lauren had...

The girls all had a lot of laughs which when you're wearing 'Lion King' t-shirts as 'grown ups', I think it just might be impossible to have anything but fun!


Happy Birthday Lauren (for when it gets here!)
Happy Birthday Lauren (for when it gets here!)
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