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Karl & Jamie - A Coastal Wedding

25.3.19  POST CATEGORY  :  Together | Wedding | Family | Celebration

There are a few things that Jamie really hates... brussel sprouts, snakes and a petrifying fear of heights. Meeting 'Mr Awesome' was going to be very difficult considering the country she was sure would definitely house someone of such a reputation, was New Zealand. This would mean flying and well, that meant soaring to great heights!!

Jamie faced her fear with great intrepidation, along with the odd sick bag or two and duely flew out to NZ from Canada. The first thing she did when she landed in Auckland was to find a phone book to look up all the people who's last name was 'Awesome'. Imagine her disappointment when it turned out after years of anticipation, there was not one person with the surname 'Awesome'. Despite that initial letdown, she met some people she liked at the hostel she was staying at and then she left Auckland for Rotorua. One day her Mum called, but she had to cut the call short, because she had a date with a guy who she quite liked, although it was probably a mistake, because she missed her family and home, and she would be coming back to Canada within the year. And then she left New Zealand, following this guy to Port Hedland. Probably a mistake because she missed her family and she fully intended to come home. Besides that, the obvious reason for picking New Zealand over Australia in the first place was probably not to find 'Mr Awesome' really, it was that there were no snakes.

It turns out that snakes, spiders, heat, flying, being forced to go on gondolas with the family, and freezing cold Canadaian winters could not seperate these two. Karl really is Mr Awesome, and well now that makes you Jamie, Mrs Awesome.

Don't worry, we wont make this public