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Mel & Phil

28.11.18  POST CATEGORY  :  Together | Wedding | Celebration

Online dating... we've probably all got a friend who's dipped their toes into this online world and meet some potential serial killers, but Phil is definitely not one of them. He's a genuine, bubbly, loveable guy who's whole face lights up when he smiles. After much long distance driving to get to know Mel, the rather smitten Phil had trully fallen for miss Melanie and it wasn't going to be long before he popped the question...

Fast foward to a stunning day in pretty Akaroa, a day calm and warm and plonked between endless amounts of rain, it couldn't have been nicer. I was doing a little internal dance exclaiming to myself over and over "the light, the light, it's so lovely!!" Mel you looked beautiful and Phil you were suitably dapper and finished off with your Grandmothers hat, made just for the occasion. How proud she would have been to see you wearing it on your wedding day, 'at long last' I can imagine her saying.

All the best guys for a fabulous fun filled life of adventure spent together.

Venue : Mt Vernon Lodge

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