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Scrapbook your shoot

22.5.15  POST CATEGORY  :  Together | Lifestyle | Children | Family | Celebration

Some people struggle with how to display their images once they have got them back from the photographer while others of us know exactly what we want... a large framed print for the wall, a leather bound album etc. But for some of us who love being creative, making your own 'scrapbook' style album is the perfect way to record your family's shoot.

Back in January I photographed my good friend Liz Gregory and her family who were out from England. It's becoming a bit of a habit and it's lovely to see her brother's children getting bigger and the addition of further children. Liz owns New Zealand's biggest craft store (Artfullcrafts) and as such is always coming up with new projects for her clients to enjoy so it was no surprise that she wanted to make an album using the images I had taken.

Now I know you can scrapbook absolutely anything, but there is something extra special about having a series of gorgeous photos from beginning to end that you can turn into one really cohesive piece that just 'sing' together so to speak. 

This little pink number is a lovely shabby chic album perfect for the 'long grassed' theme of her family shoot, but it could have a totally different vibe with a different style of shoot.

If you haven't had a portrait shoot for a very long time and love scrapbooking, give it some serious thought. Having lovely photos of yourself and your family are something you will not regret acquiring.

Don't worry, we wont make this public