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23.5.17  POST CATEGORY  :  Teens | Before & Afters | Portrait | Portrait Couture | Beauty

I'm on a mission.. I think everyone should have at least one nice portrait of themselves. It doesn't seem like it's to much to ask, but it is the one thing that can be passed on from generation to generation that is a real keepsake of your family line. I have beautiful portraits of my Mother and Father, some of their grandparents and even my great and great great grandparents (there's even a painting prior to the invention of the photographic camera!) These images can't be replaced, they can't be repeated, they're a once in a life time.

The coming of age whether it be 13, 18, 21, 30... they're all moments in time that quickly pass that are really nice to have in photographic form. I have been thinking that girls who go to their school balls make a great effort to wear something they love and often there's not much to show for it. It really is the perfect opportunity to have one's portraits done utilising the dress again. This goes for boys too... it's nice to be able to look back on our Dad's and see them as young men.

Simone, you did awesome and the vanity fair inspired shots at the end were such fun. All the best for your studies!

Don't worry, we wont make this public