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Sonya + Doug Married!

30.3.20  POST CATEGORY  :  Together | Wedding | Celebration
Sonya rung her best friend... "I think I've found the one, he's pretty amazing." It was sounding promising until Sonya exclaimed. "There is one thing though..." "What's that?" "He doesn't have a snorkel on his ute!"

Needles to say the lack of a snorkel quickly got overlooked and not only was there no snorkel on Doug's truck on their wedding day, he didn't even have a ute as it was getting repaired at the panel beaters (for hail damage apparently!).

These two absolutely adore each other and their vows were from the heart. You wpouldn't have seen two happier lots of parents either. Infact everyone looked pretty smitten, even Sonya's soon to be sister-in-law was overwhelmed on Sonya's first appearance. Besides, it's got to be a perfect match, they both agree that Whittaker's chocolate is the best, and who could disagree with that?!
All the best for a super fab life together!! 
Don't worry, we wont make this public