Woodland Party

For Genevieve's 8th birthday she requested a 'woodland' party in the Botanical Gardens. If it was raining I was not going to be looking forward to the day, but it was a perfect winter afternoon, so warm that I had to move the chocolate to stop it from melting! There was a treasure hunt, sack races 'in old sacks please - they look more woodlandy', afternoon tea, presents, playground time and then to finish a massive pinecone piñata, that took forever to break! Maybe I can add piñata making to my list of special skills!!! (Thinking 'Bee Movie' and the guy who eats with chopsticks...) The girls all had heaps of fun and it was lovely that on this occasion I had my lovely friend Lynn come along to take some piccies that actually have me in them too. I will post some of them as well soon :-)