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New little sister

23.6.14  POST CATEGORY  :  Baby | Children
I was in town around 11am when I thought I saw Rosanna. I stopped to chat and excitedly exclaimed "I hear your sister Joy, has had her baby this morning?!" Rosanna responds "No, I've had a baby"... if at this moment I looked totally blank I wouldn't have been surprised!! After my brain did a bit of fumbling I came to the conclusion that I was actually talking to Joy and she was in town after only giving birth a matter of hours ago!! She doesn't even have her baby with her - she's in the car sleeping with her Dad watching over her... Now that's a Super-mum for you... and we won't go into what that makes me!!!

Joy and Mordie now have four beautiful children. Hopefully I get to photograph all of them soon, but for now their new little baby is my star with just a couple of her big sister Justina who tagged along for the morning. Click to view full blog post
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Four days old...

20.11.13  POST CATEGORY  :  Baby
At 4 days old, I don't think babies are really supposed to be this bright and alert. This little poppet though, looked like she was very much present in the moment, looking around, almost smiling and taking it all in. I think she's going to be a girl who loves the camera!  Click to view full blog post
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Sunday morning shoot...

5.9.13  POST CATEGORY  :  Baby | Lifestyle | Children | Family
Driving north in torrential rain for a photo shoot that had been delayed due to bad weather for way too long, was not looking promising, but upon arrival at my clients home they instantly became the BEST clients EVER! They had moved their entire bedroom into the lounge that had large expanses of windows letting in lots of natural light!! (See why they're the best clients ever - who wants to disassemble their bed, move it to another room, reassemble it and all on a Sunday morning before the photographer gets there when you should be sleeping in!)

The smells of lovely pumpkin soup filled the air in anticipation of lunch, but that was only the beginning of their wonderful hospitality... I got adopted by little Miss Three! I was duly taken in hand and shown around their new home, getting to see all the 'really' important things like the princess tent in her bedroom, where the baby sleeps, introduced to the dog etc, etc. Well let it be said, if you weren't already taken by your lovely Mum and Dad who totally adore you, I could have snuck you and your little sister into the car and brought you home with me!!!

Thanks for giving me such a lovely day in the pouring rain.  xox Click to view full blog post
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Lola & Maddie

27.6.12  POST CATEGORY  :  Baby | Children
What a treat to have two adorable girls to photograph. Maddie full of cheekiness and Lola, the perfect sleeping baby - for an entire hour too no less! (which she apparently never does) Maddie thought the ladybug ride on was pretty cool but the studio area definitely needed to be a bit bigger in order for her to do laps. I wouldn't have been surprised if she had asked to take it home!

My favourite favourite!...
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Lots of kisses for wee Lola and plenty of smiles from Maddie made for a lovely morning shoot. Thanks for coming to see me, it was lovely to meet you all! xoxo
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  • Diane King on 6 Jul 7:56 p.m.

    Viv - these are adorable!!, I am sure the family are going to so treasure these beautiful memories of their darlings - love the vintage look, so cool!

All stripes

26.6.12  POST CATEGORY  :  Baby | Children
I had the pleasure of getting to photograph not just one, but two gorgeous little people last week. A quick sneak peek of what's to come!  Click to view full blog post
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