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Pink Parisian Walls

21.10.15  POST CATEGORY  :  Before & Afters | Portrait | Portrait Couture | Beauty
Our house is in a constant state of renovation. It's a big old edwardian villa and as my Mum always said "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither is the renovation of this pretty (and getting prettier) home. Uncovering the walls in our bedroom revealed the original plaster that once I had sealed with special paint for just this sort of thing  I couldn't believe how Parisian they looked. I even managed to tip paint out on the carpet in the process because I got so excited and wasn't watching what I was doing!! - Whoops!!

I knew that before they got plastered over I wanted to do at least one photoshoot in front of them, so it had to be a very special person who I didn't mind letting into the building site of our bedroom. My lovely friend Tina, had just had her birthday and as it turned out was the lucky recipient of my pre-wall makeover backdrop. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm out of my mind for wanting to keep such walls, but I just love them, and well the results speak for themselves!!!

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