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7.8.13  POST CATEGORY  :  Products | Lifestyle | Family | Advertising
I'm an avid fan of the TV show 'Grand Designs', the houses people dream up and create can seriously blow you away, and I'd love to do my very own grand design one day... but a friend last night mentioned an episode they watched, where the husband ended up having a heart attack and then surgery during the process. Once he got back to the project he wasn't really that interested anymore. Things that were 'actually' important came into clear focus, and what wasn't important, was having an amazing house. That's why I love taking photographs. Everyone grows and changes so fast, that soon those tiny little toes or beautiful teenage daughters are gone and assigned to our fickle memories. Having beautiful portraits taken are something that we can treasure and look back on fondly, helping us to remember those moments we have long forgotten.  Click to view full blog post
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