Sleepover with two sweet girls

These two are the tightest of friends. It's not often you don't see them whispering together or walking around hand in hand. Now Genevieve had been begging all holidays to have Emily come over and stay the night, even though I am very sure I never got to stay at anyone else's house when I was only five years old, but it seems to be the 'in' thing - sleepovers! It turned out to be a VERY long day (especially for us) with Genevieve coming in to ask frequently "when is Emily actually going to arrive?" Much to our relief she did turn up and we took them off to the rocky shore to do a bit of exploring. Next we hunted out the penguins nests at the beach and finally it was home to bed. I think Genevieve was super excited about all the chatting they would get up to, but when I checked in on them, Emily was dead to the world and Genevieve was just lying there awake, no doubt wishing Emily would wake up so they could get up to night time mischief! You girls are terribly sweet and we love you to bits :-)